Aladdin graphite toaster is sold in 750,000 units in four years.

On May 19, 2019, TV program “Gacchiri Monday !!” explained “Aladdin graphite toaster” which is sold in 750,000 units in four years.

A home appliance maker named Sengoku in Kasai City,Hyogo has developed a toaster “Aladdin graphite toaster”, which has a retro design, and if it can sell 100,000 units in a year, it can be a successful toaster industry but 750,000 units were sold, and sales amounted to ¥15 billion in four years.

The goodness of this “Aladdin graphite toaster” is that it burns well, and the ordinary toaster uses a heater made by rolling iron called nichrome wire, but the heater of “Aladdin graphite toaster” is made of a material called graphite.

The nichrome wire is only 800 degrees in 20 seconds, but the graphite of “Aladdin” is 1,300 degrees in only 0.2 seconds.

This graphite was also used in the satellite “Hayabusa”, and this graphite heater is patented technology.

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