Kyoto city(Japan) Bus “Sky Hop Bus Kyoto”

Kyoto city has about 3,530,000 guests in 2017. Sometimes you can not get on the bus at the bus stop in front of the station.

Kyoto citizens are overtourism that causes various problems for citizen in Kyoto Japan. One-day bus tickets(only 600yen for the duration of one day) are popular among foreigners visiting Japan.

Kyoto City Bus & Subway Information Guide:Bus One-Day Pass

Therefore,Sky Hop Bus Kyoto will be launched on the 13th of April. It can alleviate congestion by separating life routes and sightseeing routes.

Sky Hop Bus Marketing Japan has established a new operating company by Hinomaru Automotive, JTB and Keihan Bus.

The bus is on the second floor with no roof. Departure from Kyoto Station and go around 11 stops including Heian Jingu Shrine, Kinkaku-ji(a Buddhist temple) and Nijo Castle.
Heian Shrine – Wikipedia
Kinkaku-ji – Wikipedia
Nijō Castle

Tickets are 3,500 yen a day, 24 hours a day. Guidance in 7 languages near landmarks. After the start of the service, more than 150 people used it on Saturdays and Sundays(only two days).

SKY HOP BUS Official site

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