80’s japanese pop stars’ photographs

If you would like to purchase 80’s japanese pop stars’ photographs, you should go to Marubell-dou in Asakusa,Tokyo.

Because they sell 2,500 japanese pop stars’ photographs.

And if you want to take 80’s japanese style photographs by yourself, you can take this shop’s a photo studio.

If you pay \12,960, they lend two 80’s japanese pop star’s stage costumes and a exclusive photographer takes your photos after that you can get a CD for your photos.

■Shop name: Marubell-dou
●Station: Asakusa
Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro, Toei, Tobu) – Wikipedia
●Telephone:03-3844-1445(I am not sure whether they can speak English or not.)
●Business Hours:11:00-19:00 (365 days)
●Payment: Maybe cash only. Please ask shop staff about credit cards. “Can I use credit cards”:Credit card wa tukaemasuka?:クレジットカードはつかえますか?
●URL:Marubell-dou(only Japanese language)

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