Big Daiso 100 yen shops in Osaka

When you come to Osaka,Japan, you should firstly go to Daiso 100 yen shops for shopping. Daiso sells a wide range of 100 yen goods. It looks like dollar stores in other countries. However sometimes they put a price tag such as 300円(300Yen+ tax) or 400円(400Yen+ tax) . If you do not find any price tag, it means that the product price is 108 yen(including tax).

They sell 99% private products and they are producing more than 700 new products in every month.

Daiso has three size(large,middle and small) of shops.
I recommend that if you go to there, you must go to a large shop because a small shop does not have enough goods for travelers.

●How to find products
However,when you go to quite big Daiso 100 yen shops,I think difficult to find products so I tell you,how you ask the products to shop staff.

1.Please show your finding products on your mobile phone.
2.And then ask a shop assistant,do you have this products?:Kore arimasuka?(これありますか?)
3.After that shop staff might bring you to the product shelf.
4.But if they do not have the products,they may tell you that sold out(urikiremashita:うりきれました) or no stocks(zaikoga arimasen:ざいこがありません)

Daiso 100 yen shops’s case, if they say sold out. It means that you can not find the products forever otherwise if they say no stocks. It means you can find the products a few days later(if the product is really popular, you will find it more than one month later).
Daiso Japan(Only Japanese)

Daiso Japan Online Store in the USA

The following shops are large shops in Osaka.

●Shop name: Shin Osaka-ten(This shop quite closes to Shin Osaka Station:a large size shop)
・Address:1-14-26 Mikunihon-machi,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka-city,Osaka
・Station: Shin Osaka Station
Shin-Ōsaka Station – Wikipedia
・How to get to Shin Osaka Station
Route Search – Japan Transit Planner | Norikae Annai
・Business Hours:10:00-20:00
・Payment:available credit cards such as JCB,VISA,Master,UnionPay 銀聯 etc
・URL:Shin Osaka-ten(only Japanese language)| Daiso

●Shop name: Izumiya Izumisano-ten(This shop quite closes to Kansai International Airport:a large size shop)
・Address:Izumiya Izumisano-ten 2F,774 Minaminakayasumatu,Izumisano-city,Osaka
・Station: Hagurazaki
Hagurazaki Station – Wikipedia
・How to get to Hagurazaki
Route Search – Japan Transit Planner | Norikae Annai
・Business Hours: 10:00-20:00
・Payment:Not available credit cards, Only cash
・URL:Izumiya Izumisano-ten(only Japanese language)| Daiso

Osaka Area
If you go to Osaka area, please check the following web pages.
Daiso 100 yen shops around Shin Osaka Station
Daiso 100 yen shops around Osaka station
Daiso 100 yen shops around Kansai International Airport

■Daiso location map
If you want to know other large Daiso shops from nation wide, you can find from the following web map.
Blue color is large size shops. Pink color is middle size shops. Green color is small size shops.

all shop map | Daiso

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